Organic solar cell progress

[img:AntonioF_0.jpg|Dr. Antonio Facchetti,
Co-founder & CTO,
]27 September 2012 - Polyera Corporation has achieved a certified world-record 5.2% efficient fully-polymeric organic solar cell in an inverted bulk heterojunction architecture combining its new ActivInk(R) PV2400 donor and NV2400 acceptor materials. These results significantly improve upon previously reported records of less than 3% for fully-polymeric cells. The device performance was certified by Newport Corporation's PV cell lab.

Largest solar energy project in Tanzania’s history

[img:Loan%20s_0.jpg| ]27 September 2012 - Implementation of a solar power project in the Kigoma region of Tanzania has gotten underway, with the initial installation of solar systems completed in in various sites there over the last few weeks.

This solar project, believed to be the largest of its kind in Tanzania's history, is being carried out through a joint effort between Rex Investment Ltd and Camco International from the UK. Rex is managing the technical side of the project, such as design, supply and installation of a wide range of solar systems whereas Camco is responsible with marketing and raising public awareness on the use of solar energy for the targeted consumers.

South Africa gets first utility-scale solar inverters facility

[img:Loan%20s_0.jpg| ]25 September 2012 - A 200 MW capacity facility in Cape Town has begun operations to produce utility scale solar inverters and combiner boxes for monitoring systems. AEG Power Solutions, which owns the facility,was a bidder in the first three rounds of South Africa’s Independent Power Producer Procurement Programme (IPPPP).

Based in Milnerton, this 3,400 m2factory was built specifically for the manufacture of the company’s utility-scale solar inverters and Skytron combiner boxes, and is the first facility of its kind in southern Africa. At the opening celebration, AEG Power Solution’s managing director for South Africa, Trevor de Vries, said the plant had begun operations ahead of schedule in June 2012.

SA power licence grants

[img:CarelB.thumbnail.jpg|Carel Ballack,
]20 September 2012 - Sustainable Energy Society of Southern Africa (SESSA) Ombudsman, Carel Ballack says that while it has taken over eight months, power licences have now been approved for the 28 first round successful renewable energy bidders announced in December 2011 by the energy minister Dipuo Peters.

Mobile off grid solar system commissioned in Cameroon

[img:antaris_0.jpg| ]20 September 2012 - The first eKiss and mini eKiss mobile off-grid photovoltaic systems from Antaris Solar to enter the African market have been commissioned in Cameroon and have also attracted the interest of development aid organisations.

These mobile solutions have attracted attention in Europe, where eKiss (energy – Keep it simple & safe) is able to provide outputs of between 350 and 2,000 watts for the agricultural sector or for energy supply to summer houses and holiday homes, as well as exciting major interest in stand-alone electricity solutions on the African continent. “We are currently endeavouring to expand our international network of distribution partners in order to be able to meet demand,”Antaris Solar’s country manager for Africa, Barton Shasha, says.

Small hydro in east Africa

[img:HydroP.thumbnail.jpg| ]17 September 2012 - According to Consultancy Africa, medium, small (less than 10MW), and micro (less than 100kW) hydro are now viewed by many as more viable alternatives to large scale projects for a number of reasons. Small hydro schemes are among the most environmentally friendly available as they are normally run-of-the-river designs and do not alter river flow dramatically.

Renewables thriving in Brazil

[img:brazil.thumbnail.jpeg| ]13 September 2012 - Brazil will continue to prove its commitment to renewable energy in the future by promoting investment across its alternative power sectors, states a study by business intelligence provider GBI Research. The increasing demand for electricity in this rapidly expanding South American economy is driving up the country’s cumulative installed capacity – but Brazil will continue to rely on eco-friendly power generation to support expansion.

South Africa watches as German renewables growth path falters

[img:renew3.thumbnail.jpg| ]13 September 2012 - Germany’s solar-heating growth path, which was on a steady upward trajectory, has hit a speed bump and environment minister Peter Altmaier has had to put the brakes on the country's energy revolution.

Despite this, Sustainable Energy Association of Southern Africa (SESSA) ombudsman, Carel Ballack, says that country’s rapid adoption of renewable energies should serve as an inspiration to both South African consumers and the providers of heating systems using solar energy because it proves that ambitious targets can be met if there is sufficient will.

Moroccan wind project to begin development

[img:65_66Pic3.thumbnail.jpg| ]13 September 2012 - According to Bloomberg, Theolia SA (TEO), a French wind-energy developer, expects to begin developing the first stage of its 300 MW project in Morocco over the next few months.

The Aix-en-Provence-based company signed an agreement with the Moroccan government’s Office National de l’Electricite in May 2011 for a two-phase wind project. The first stage will double the capacity at the company’s existing 50 MW site in Tetouan on the north coast of Morocco.

Renewables independent power producer programme timelines shift outward

[img:Report%20d_0.jpg| ]11 September 2012 - South Africa’s department of energy has informed bidders in the country’s renewable independent power producer programme that the third round of bidding, originally scheduled for this year will now have a submission date of 7th of May 2013.

Bidders appointed during the second round of bidding, are now required to reach financial close between 18 March 2013 and 28 March 2013.

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